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  1. I just bought TonTonKnights and found it to be very fun! I love the artwork as well!

    My suggestion though would be to make the game a little more strategic.
    If you gave the player a bit more control over the fighters, it would be even more fun. Eg have the ability to order your group of soldiers.
    Order”Attack”(full out attack where they do more damage but take more damage as well).
    Order to “Defend”.(Shield carriers take damage as they protect the others back in the ranks who fire arrows. Less damage is done but soldiers in the back ranks take less damage)
    Order “Retreat” (Soldiers back away firing arrows as they go and occasionally attacking with swords and spears. Small damage is done by
    your soldiers but a small amount of health is regenerated with the retreat)
    Order “Full withdrawal”(Soldiers run away. They do not attack but run faster and gain more health until they can’t run any further stopped by the end of perhaps a barrier)

    Good luck with your game!

    Thank you


    • Thanks your comment~
      first idea is just looking game. (similarly FootBallManager)
      but many people want more control in game.
      so now we a lot of worry about that.

      Thank you very much. and Thank your review!!

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