TonTonKnights – Overview

– Title –

Your TonTon Castle looks so peaceful.

What do you think is happening there?


Each item comes with a unique skill. They will help you strategize your fights!

-Stage Selection-

There are a total of 12 interesting stages for you to enjoy in TonTonKnights.

Let’s Play!!

From the Puppy Merchant,

You can buy upgrades for your knights or hire a new ones.

Each type of knight fights in a unique way.

Experiment various strategies by mixing them up!

For example,

Lancers have splash damage.

Archers can shoot arrows from the rear.

Defenders can effectively block splash damage attacks from enemies.

Some items can conjure magical helpers that will join your fight! 

That’s a ghost knight right there. 

When your knights fall, they will come back as ghosts to continue fighting!


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